Mas Paints Egypt

is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 2008, Using Italian technology, we manufacture specialized high-quality paints for various applications.

Mas Paints Egypt owns its trademark, which allows it to produce and distribute its products in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.

We seek to forge successful strategic alliances with other companies and distributors from all over the world.

Our Vision

To become the strategic partner and preferred supplier

at local and regional levels through Innovative premium quality and sustainable Products that satisfy our customers’ needs.

Our Mission

Continuous development using sustainable technology and delivering high- quality products

to our customers that enables us to compete efficiently in existing and new markets.

Our Core Values

Our values reflect the strength of our goals and promote reaching them through:


Adherence to values and principles in work and production and commitment to them.



Support development and innovation through continuous investment in the recruitment of high-level professionals and the use of the latest technologies in manufacturing.


Customer Priority

Providing technical support and after-sales services because our customers deserve the best. Support communication and respect between clients and employees based on equality and transparency.


One team

Maintaining a healthy work environment in different workplaces. Dedicating the principle of one team among all departments.

Our Journey to Sustainability

We at MAS Paints Egypt believe in the importance of achieving sustainability and preserving natural and industrial resources, which supports and enhances our interest in the environment and the health of our customers.

we are proud of the role our quality products play in the local and regional market, such as saving fuel, energy, using non-toxic chemicals, efficient use of water and prolonging the lifetime of what Mas protect with our coatings. We also recognize that, as a consumer of chemicals used in these coatings, we have to act responsibly towards our employees, end-users and the environment.

Mas Paints Egypt is committed to building a more sustainable future. We have been tackling sustainability-related issues across our business for many years, but we recognize that we still have further to go. Therefore, MAS Paints Egypt is taking steady steps in adopting as paints that meet the requirements of the LEED system for international standards for green buildings, as it obtained the following Certificates; CSR, REACH and VOCs.

In pursuit of this, we have obtained a sustainability report approved by SGS report that,

Our Products Comply With Health, Safety, And Environmental Standards.

    The Quality Of The Internal Work Environment And The Application Of The Standards Required For The Protection Of Workers.

    Energy Efficiency In Production Processes.

    Using Recyclable Raw Materials And Packaging.